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It happened that the concerts I’m playing from september to november 2011 are in some way related to birthdays. On the 15th of September I had the honour to play a concert in celebration of the 90th birthday of professor Michał Bristiger during the Festival “De Musica” in Warsaw; on the 10th of October I had a presentation and a concert in Wrocław during a conference dedicated to Polish poet Agnieszka Osiecka (1936-1997) at University, on the day after her 75th birth anniversary; on the 15th of October I was invited to play for the 90th anniversary of the Museum of Sandomierz, and I received a special badge with a flint, a typical stone of that region; on the 18th and on the 25th of November I will play in Florence at the festival “Omaggio ad Alvaro Company”, in celebration of the 80th birthday of one of the most important guitarists-teachers-composers in Italy. Soon I will write more about these experiences, about prof. Bristiger, pani Osiecka, maestro Company, Sandomierz. Oh, by the way, on the 5th of December there will be my birthday, I hope I will spend that day playing guitar.

Merci beaucoup to Pierre-Frédéric Weber for this picture of the Comet Hale-Bopp

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